Keep safe everyone!

Keep safe everyone!

Something for all the UP students to appreciate and a little something to get soon to be iskolars excited about studying in UP! <3

We wish all the UPCAT takers the best of luck :)

Friday Dates & Leopard Bags



On Anne: thrifted sheer jacket and skirt, SM Department store top and shoes, Cotton On Bag



On Nikki: HK dress, H&M shades, Topshop boots, Cotton On bag


Yes! We had the same bag that day. And even if our clothes were just the opposite, our bags matched! And if you’re wondering why we have the same bag, don’t worry, it wasn’t by accident! Haha. This was my SG pasalubong for Nikki, and how can I resist getting myself one when it’s so stylish and functional at the same time! Talk about a bargain. Plus you’ll never guess how much I got it for! It was definitely a steal ;)





Wednesdays and Fridays are lunch dates with Nikki. We opted to try Pino this time along Maginhawa since we’ve been hearing good reviews about the place. Lo and behold, the food was indeed heavenly. Talk about foodgasm! We couldn’t stop raving about their sisig & binagoongan! Will definitely be eating there again. (Just talking about the food is making me hungry!)

We also tried their homemade ice cream! (Which is not made w/ milk by the way so hello to lactose intolerant people like me! Well kinda lactose intolerant) Nikki had the banana one and I had their lemon ice cream! We’re fans of weird ice cream flavors and I must say we were impressed! I liked Nikki’s banana ice cream! She din’t like mine though.. Although the peculiarity of my lemon flavored one was also good! They kinda had me at heard-shaped cookie.

So how were your weekends so far? Tell us if you’ve tried Pino, too or if you have any dishes they have that you guys suggest we try! Have a great Sunday :)

<3 Anne