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Casual Wednesdays

We’re finally seniors reliving the first days of our freshman year! The Little Girls took a surprising step backward- today, sticking to the basic clothing pieces we dearly loved before. Back in tank tops, denims, khakis and rolled up polo shirts, this was how we spent our wednesday! 

What are YOUR closet staples? :)





Anne: Top-Thrifted, Jeans- MNG, Sneakers-Keds, Watch-Aldo // Nikki: Shirt-Uniqlo, Vest-HK, Riding Pants- Zara, Sandals- H&M

*Just like the usual, we did not really notice we were a bit “matchy” until the photos were being edited- too in sync (twins? haha!). 

Just a short & sweet post, happy Hump Day!

<3 The Little Girls, Anne & Nikki

High Contrast

Thesis and Headaches. This is the terrible (yet fulfilling we must say) combination Anne & I have had for the past month. We’ve been so busy trying to figure out our final path for our visual communication thesis that we havent had time to blog. Sorry guys :( Anyway, we were finally able to take a little break today and set aside the stress for a little while! 

Our looks are surprisingly different this time- Anne went for the feminine+floral twist and I opted for the androgynous sporty look. But of course, knowing our knack for twinning, The Little Girls were both in neon accents.


Nikki: Tank- F21, Harem Pants- K.O.B, Hat- Cotton On, DIY Necklace- H&M, Alpina Wedges- So! Fab


Anne: Floral Bodycon- F21, Bag- H&M, Sandals- Gold Dot


What’s a photo-worthy outfit’s favorite piece? So! Fab shoes of course! I first saw these Alpina wedges at the summer campaign shoot over the summer and I quickly fell in love. 

Check out our neon accents! Anne is a Barbie girl at heart and she adores anything pink haha! Obvious eh? I on the other hand prefer neon yellow. The necklace is actually a rope belt from H&M and tied it up for a little quirk!



Have a splendid weekend everybody! Take some rest :)

<3 Nikki, The Little Girls