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Surprise suprise!

Guess who decided to wear a sweater and combat boots today? Imagine the look on our faces when we saw each other this morning, matching outfits again!

We both opted for the subtle approach, obviously. Not too grunge-y, not too dainty. You cannot imagine how funny it is, how we’re so a like in ways we don’t even realize, haha!

I paired the sweater off with a chiffon skirt to break the rocker feel, and Nikki went for her cute and chic ribbon sweater for that touch of “sweet.”

Trying to make my hair appear longer was such a fail in the photos! Hair, grow longer faster please! :( And theres, Nikki’s "shades hair" which means.. she wears shades when she puts her hair up. So cute, meganon! Haha!

Nikki - F21 sweater and boots, Mango pants, Ruckus necklace, Thrifted Accessories, Sunnies (borrowed for a while from Tal Tantuico haha! Thanks Tal!)

Don’t you just love Nikki’s combat boots? <3 Finally she got a pair! She’s been eyeing combat boots here and there since last year and couldn’t find the perfect ones. Who knew that that one trip to F21 would lead her to these babies.

Anne - Thrifted sweater & skirt, Thrifted Doc Martens, Thrifted accessories, Superfluously necklace

I love my rugged Doc’s which I got last year. Definitely a steal! I just love how it’s worn out, it adds so much character to the pair.

Thrifted accessories! We love great finds at Landmark and everywhere else! As accessory designers, we love creating extraordinary pieces, but we just cannot get enough of cheap everyday pieces. Nothing beats thrifted finds!

How was your Thursday? :) We’d love to hear all about it! Have an awesome Friday, guys! :)

<3 Anne


Miss-Match is the new kid on the web- a site that caters to those who need styling tips, fashion finds and what-nots here in the Philippines!

We first heard/saw it in LoveChic by Seph & Shai and we were just too curious to check it out! FINALLY, something for us here in the Philippines! 

The website also features articles on trend shopping and brands- from Bayo, to Call It Spring, Collezione, Massimo Duti, Ensembles, Zara just to name a few. 

What’s amazing is that you can actually create outfits and use the products as pieces from your “online” closet! It’s a similar interface as Polyvore but specialized for us locals ;)

Though only on its Beta version, The Little Girls just had to try it! Check out our outfits:


"Day Out" Styled by Nikki

Top: Bleach Catastrophe, Pants: Massimo Dutti, Vest: DUE|Collezione, Necklace: Agatha, Polish & Lipstick: Etude House, Shoes: Call it Spring, Bag: Fashion Forum by SM


"Lazy Day" Styled by Anne

Top: GAP, Pants: Jellybean, Shoes: Call it Spring, Bag: Fashion Forum by SM, Necklace: Agatha, Lipstick: Etude House, Nail Polish: Tony Moly

So what’re you waiting for? Try Miss-Match now and get stylin’! :)

<3 The Little Girls