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Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

Hi, everyone!

A little introduction would be necessary, perhaps?

Seeing double? No we’re not twins! They say opposites attract, but never for us! The La Petite Filles, "the little girls" Me (left) and Nikki (right), aren’t only mistaken as twins, but share the same love for art, fashion and even dogs as well! Currently on our third year of college, battling with school, and everything in between, it’s amazing how we still find time to make accessories!

(Anne, 19 - the brainchild of Superfluously & Nikki, 20 - owner of the renowned Ruckus Accessories)

More than college best friends, we’re practically sisters. Sharing so many things in common, but are still different in so many ways! I will always be the cheapster  and Nikki will always be the more fasyon one! We share with you our world, this is our creative channel.

Matching outfits happen practically everyday! Whether planned, or not, sometimes we just come to school in the same color / same style / same motif, without even knowing it. Well, you know what they say… great minds think a like ;)

Anne - (Dress, vest, bag - thrifted, Shoes - Parisian, Cross necklace - Superfluously)

Nikki - (Top - DIY, Vest - thrifted, Shorts - The Ramp, Shoes - Hong Kong, Accessories - thrifted, Necklace - Ruckus Accessories)

For our adventure yesterday we decided to try out the newly opened BonChon Chicken and St. Alps Teahouse in Katipunan!

BonChon Chicken for lunch! This may be our best meal yet!

Yes, we love BonChon Chicken! <3

We love their fast service, too! (they were jam-packed!)

And most of all, we love their Soy Garlic Chicken Wings & Bulgogi Rice!

Next on our list was Saint’s Alp Teahouse! We love the cozy and conducive to relax atmosphere. Wish they’d open in Maginhawa St. too so we would have to go all the way to Katipunan!

We super love the lighting fixtures! So creative what they’ve done with those light bulbs.

Their “soft-opening” menu, but already, we find it so legit, haha! Well, we do love anything simple with a clean layout.

Nikki ordered their best selling Black Milk Tea with tapioca and I ordered their Taro Milk Tea, which I loved, haha. A break from the usual milk tea flavors!

How can we not recommend that you drop by both BonChon Chicken & St. Alps Teahouse and give ‘em a try? Definitely won’t be our last visit!

BonChon Chicken Katipunan - right in front of Ateneo Gate 3, Regis Center, 2nd floor. They deliver too! Dial 2121212 or visit their Facebook page for their menu and details of their other branches.

Saint’s Alp Teahouse - Regis Center, 2nd floor, beside BonChon Chicken. Open from 11AM -11PM. For more info, visit their Facebook page.

Don’t forget to tell us about your own BonChon Chicken & St. Alps Teahouse experience! :)

<3 Anne

The Wait is Over

Who doesn’t love ACCESSORIZING?

Superfluously and +RUCKUS are accessory brands owned by Anne and I (respectively). They are our babies- our creative outlet! Each brand is barely a year old and for the first time ever, we will be having a booth at the SuperSale Bazaar

We know you’re tired of being in the wait list and sick of seeing the words “OUT OF STOCK”. So why not visit our booth at the SuperSale Bazaar this November 4-6 at the World Trade Center. Perfect timing for your Christmas shopping right? Accessorize this holiday season ;)

+RUCKUS Accessories will be participating in the upcoming Chalk Fashion Rocks 2011 at the the Ronac Art Center this October 15th! You’ll finally see and be able to avail our accessories offline! :) All you have to do is present an October issue of Chalk Magazine to enter. It’s that easy guys! Show +RUCKUS some love ;)

The Chalk Fashion Rocks 2011 and the SuperSale Bazaar are events you definitely do not want to miss! Anne & I hope to see you there!

*Oh btw, we will both be releasing our next collections this September. Start your holiday right! ;)

<3 Nikki


Surprise suprise!

Guess who decided to wear a sweater and combat boots today? Imagine the look on our faces when we saw each other this morning, matching outfits again!

We both opted for the subtle approach, obviously. Not too grunge-y, not too dainty. You cannot imagine how funny it is, how we’re so a like in ways we don’t even realize, haha!

I paired the sweater off with a chiffon skirt to break the rocker feel, and Nikki went for her cute and chic ribbon sweater for that touch of “sweet.”

Trying to make my hair appear longer was such a fail in the photos! Hair, grow longer faster please! :( And theres, Nikki’s "shades hair" which means.. she wears shades when she puts her hair up. So cute, meganon! Haha!

Nikki - F21 sweater and boots, Mango pants, Ruckus necklace, Thrifted Accessories, Sunnies (borrowed for a while from Tal Tantuico haha! Thanks Tal!)

Don’t you just love Nikki’s combat boots? <3 Finally she got a pair! She’s been eyeing combat boots here and there since last year and couldn’t find the perfect ones. Who knew that that one trip to F21 would lead her to these babies.

Anne - Thrifted sweater & skirt, Thrifted Doc Martens, Thrifted accessories, Superfluously necklace

I love my rugged Doc’s which I got last year. Definitely a steal! I just love how it’s worn out, it adds so much character to the pair.

Thrifted accessories! We love great finds at Landmark and everywhere else! As accessory designers, we love creating extraordinary pieces, but we just cannot get enough of cheap everyday pieces. Nothing beats thrifted finds!

How was your Thursday? :) We’d love to hear all about it! Have an awesome Friday, guys! :)

<3 Anne